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Education is implemented through a traditional Christian perspective.

Through a traditional approach, WCA seeks to engage each student through their educational journey. Through embracing the ideas that have transformed the Western world, WCA seeks a partnership with parents that will aid in the success of their child's education. 

In the classroom, the teacher is the ultimate authority. Teachers prepare lessons that are challenging to students and encourage higher level thinking. Each teacher is a certified teacher that professes to be a Christian. 

Students take the role of active learner in the classroom. Through logic, memorization, and critical thinking, students are challenged to think deeply, apply practically, and excel in the field in which God places them.  

Grades Offered 

WCA services students in K4-12 grade. Incoming students are tested to ensure that proper placement is granted. Teachers will utilize the testing results in preparation for the upcoming school year.


In the 2018-2019 school year, WCA underwent the accreditation process through the Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools (WACS). Therefore, the quality of academics is held to a strict standard. Ensuring that each student receives a quality education presented through a biblical worldview is of utmost importance to WACS and WCA.

WACS Accredited School Gold Seal.png
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