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Who We Are



  • Passionate individuals are consistently seeking additional ways through which they can be bettered. Being ready and able to communicate new ideas and methods, being willing to think outside of the box, being an active and consistent learner are attributes of a passionate individual.


  • A spiritual trait that each individual should demonstrate is that of joyfulness. Being genuinely happy is a product of the joy that the Lord has placed in your life. As a Christian, demonstrating this trait is of necessity. Although nonideal situations will arise, a joyful individual will be flexible, adaptable, and engaging.


  • Practicing virtuous living is the spiritual concept that WCA encourages. Being humble, patient, caring, honest, and faithful are attributes that WCA requires from each school community member. As individuals that make a school community, we must each fulfill our obligations in a virtuous manner. 


  • A leader is willing to take risks. Being able to see the “big picture”, leaders can go beyond the required task at hand and achieve the organizational goals. Purposefully completing tasks, the mature leader will prayerfully lead those for whom they are responsible.


  • Every individual in the WCA community is a professional. Whether their role is parent, student, or teacher, everyone must realize their role and fulfill their role. As motivated, focused, and trustworthy individuals, the WCA community can collaborate to achieve common goals.


  • To fulfill the mission statement is the purpose at WCA. Each individual is single-minded in their effort to provide students with a well-rounded, Christian education. Being unwavering, earnest, purposeful, and vigilant, each community member must be determined to stand together on Biblical principles.

We believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, begotten from the Father before all ages, God from God,

Nicene Creed

We share the deep conviction that the Lord Jesus Christ is to be preeminent in everything (Colossians 1:13-23). We are called to be Christ centered in all that we are and in all that we do. This commitment calls for all faculty and staff to be faithful followers of Christ and seek to integrate a true Biblical worldview in every subject taught and in all activities of the school.

We believe in the divine inspiration and authority of the Scriptures, the triune God, the virgin birth and bodily resurrection of Christ, the fallen nature of man and his just condemnation, salvation by grace through faith, the free gift of God, the necessity of repentance and faith for salvation.

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